About Lollie Fleur

I am Kim Richards, the owner of Lollie Fleur. The story behind my company name is a good one… Many years ago, I studied French at a local college. One afternoon, an old friend of mine and I were brainstorming ideas for business names. I was enamored with French words and phrases and wrote them down. Most of all, I loved the French word for flower, which is ‘fleur.’ My friend quickly suggested combining fleur with the nickname she called me at the time, “Lollie.” It stuck. Today Lollie Fleur is a playful representation of friendship, flowers and the creative process.

You might wonder why we have a varied business focus in combining florals and container gardens. Well, there is a reason. My love of the garden began in the dirt. As a young girl, I deeply admired the wonders of my grandmother’s garden. Then as a young woman, I learned how to tend roses, peach trees and raspberry patches in Old Man Reynold’s garden. These garden experiences were later shaped in my floral work with Lulu Potts, where I learned the essential details of wedding and special event floral design.

When I started Lollie Fleur Design, I could not part with my work in the dirt, so our business focus is two fold as we work with flowers and gardens.

"Earth laughs in flowers" –Ralph Waldo Emerson